22 Aralık 2013 Pazar




Hi everyone!
Last week I celebrated my birthday with Cemre and my family.It was amazing.I cried a lot.Cemre wrote a letter (she do it every year).The letter was touchful.Our friendship is forever.She is my sister (I think we are twin).
My mother made peach cookies(I love them every year she make it for my birthday)
We took photos and we enjoyed a lot.

Oppss..I am in course now and bell is ringing.Kisses..♥

27 Ekim 2013 Pazar

SAY IT! - 말로해

What's up everybody? I am here after a pretty long time. We are busy with lessons you know that, so we can't share often. I am still sad about this...

Hope you didn't forget us and keep following us. Don't forget to follow because we share our designs you can learn fashion tips from them! ;-)

I said that I am interested in kpop bands, I really love them! Few days ago Topp Dogg (탑독) from Stardom Entertainment made their debut stage with their debut song ''Say It (말로해)''.

I love the song and boys, they are good for a new band. I like their style, also I love hip-hop it's manly! There are 13 boys in the band. They are all cute and charming but I think Xero is the most :-)

I wanna share the music video with you. You will feel energetic when listening it. Haha :-)

I will be here whenever I can, we continue to share our cloth designs here. You can follow our Polyvore accounts too. 

Love you more everyday, you make us happy when you look at our blog. Keep looking it, kisses! 

26 Ekim 2013 Cumartesi




                                                                       Hi everyone!

Everyday I study hard for university exam but I can't forget you.When I study I'm listening songs that I chosen by myself .The song is so wonderful. Daniela Andrade-Don't Care is my new favorite song.It will be in my music list.

Pick up your bags you've got some leavin' to do
I dont care about you
care about you.

Don't forget us.Boom..



15 Ekim 2013 Salı


Hi The Bomb Lovers!
We are in holiday so I want to write new things.I start with fashion shows.Maybe I'm late but I love this collections.They are elegant.You can feel snow,rain and sun at the same time.The weather is too cold but Givenchy is burning for us..

And Manish Arora.
Feel weird,think complex,getting lost in the lines..

We love Kenzo.
Open your eyes and look at Kenzo.You can see yourself.

I love you all.Kisses..

6 Ekim 2013 Pazar


Hellooooo everybody! How are you doing? Hope you're all really well. I miss you guys a lot but unfortunately we just stuck on our lessons :-(

We have a really tough schedule. School, course, school, course... And again, all day long. That makes us sad and tired but we have to do these things for our future. We can't give up, we have to fight!

When I have a little free time I listen music. Few days ago I watched B.A.P's ''Badman'' music video and I found it really charismatic. Korean boys have a real charm and cuteness :-)

I wanted to share the video with you, listen it. It is really good song, trust me! ;-)

I have to leave now, love you guys so much. See you next time and don't forget to follow us. Kisses! 

8 Eylül 2013 Pazar


Hey guys, it's Cemre here! :-)

I couldn't share regularly and I'm sorry for that because I'm busy about lessons. That's so boring but we have to study :-(

There is one thing that I'm really really sorry about. Music Bank Istanbul happened yesterday but we didn't have chance to go. I want to cry...

When I had a free time I was on internet. Listening music, searching about what I love, doing some fashion sets... Yeah I have little times but I am trying to do big.

Few days ago I listened Sunmi's song ''24 Hours (24시간이 모자라)'' and I loved it a lot! Sunmi has really good body. She is an attractive girl. I want her hair!

This song about a girl how she loves her man, everyone needs love. One day we will find that person :-)

Listen it, you will love this song too. Kpop singers/bands are really successful and passionate about their work. That's the most important thing.

Good bye for now, take care and don't forget to follow us. Love you all! 

6 Eylül 2013 Cuma


Hi everyone!
I haven't been here for a long time.I miss you so much.We study everyday for exam.Tests and lessons.Now I and Cemre very happy.Because my sister came two days ago and she brought varsity jackets.Jackets have wolf signs.We love them.You can find them H&M stores in your country.

And my Oreo :)

Don't forget to follow us please..We won't give up on this blog.

21 Ağustos 2013 Çarşamba


Hello guys what are you doing? Hope you're all doing well...

I'm here for say some bad news and we are really really sorry about this, you can't imagine.

We are 12th grade now and our class (not school) just started. We had an exam and we felt like we are having the main exam. 

We have to study a lot for our dreams, our future. So we won't be able to post something often. But we will be on here whenever we can. 

I wouldn't want to say this but yeah, life is hard and we have to make them easy for us. We will fight!

By the way I want to share Lady Gaga's new song ''Applause''. I love her so much, she is crazy and she doing her job like a masterpiece. 

That's all now, don't forget to follow us. Love you all! 

18 Ağustos 2013 Pazar


Hi there!
I miss you so much.I'm so sorry because I didn't write to THE BOMB but now we are together :)

Is everything okay?I hope you are fine.I have an exam tomorrow but I didn't sleep for you and now I'm writing.I went to sea city.I love it.

I swam,traveled,listened sea and I looked the moonlight on the sea.Sea breeze is wonderful and you can feel the cold sand under your feet at night if you are in the sea city.

Sea gave me hope and happiness..

''Don't be sad,everything going to be okay''...

7 Ağustos 2013 Çarşamba


What's up everybody, how are you doing? Hope you're all so fine :-)

Yesterday Seza came to my house, we were together for all day long and we did delicious pastries (chocolate cake and patty).

We didn't eat anyhting just eat them just for yesterday and their tastes are perfect, because they made with friendship and love :-)

Doing something with your bff is the most happiest thing, if you have a real friend don't lose them. Keep your friendship forever and make your dreams come true!

Love you all, kisses 

5 Ağustos 2013 Pazartesi


Hi The Bomb Lovers!
Yesterday I went to Zara with my friend.This season Zara is so elegant like always!
Everything is important for woman look.Clothes,bag,shoes,jewelry..but Perfume?Your perfume have to be like you.When someone smell your perfume ,he/she have to think about you.So these perfumes can be you.Don't think so much :)

Just smell it..

4 Ağustos 2013 Pazar


Hi Everyone!


So difficult but so sweet.You have to find your real Prince for marriage.
My older sister will get married with her Prince.Her best friend bought a gift from KARACA HOME for her.Pink,fluffy,sweet,lovely..
Let's see it.

It's early for us.Haha!
I hope you will find your Prince.
There is Michelle Phan's little love story please watch :)

Don't forget to follow us.Kisses..

3 Ağustos 2013 Cumartesi




Selena Gomez surprised when she was  #1 on music charts with ''Come & Get It''. That's a really good song, I love it!

She is #1 now with her first solo album ''Stars Dance'' came out last week. She passed Jay-Z's album ''Magna Carta... Holy Grail''. 

''Stars Dance''s 97.000 copy already sold out. This was the biggest birthday gift for her.

According to Billboard, she is ''The Youngest Female Singer'' since 2010. Her bff Taylor Swift had has the title in 2010.

Her new single ''Slow Down'' is a good song. Music video is cool and energetic. If you haven't listened yet, you should do. Here you are:

31 Temmuz 2013 Çarşamba


Keds met with Kate Spade. 1 August you can see new Keds for pre-fall season (for America). Kate Spade's colors and shapes mixed with keds basic creations. You can buy them with 75 dolar or more. Graffics and brave design their choice. 

New Keds are so funny. Let's go!

30 Temmuz 2013 Salı




Victoria's Secret angel Miranda Kerr worked for Mango S/S '13 and she was perfect like always! 

The news says she is the face for Mango again in F/W '13 edition. 

She is the best idol for me! She has real beauty, perfect body, awesome husband and pretty child. Also she is doing her best in her job. She is the name of being only. 

By the way I really love the new collection of Mango. You should check it out.

That's it for now. Don't forget to follow us, love!