21 Ağustos 2013 Çarşamba


Hello guys what are you doing? Hope you're all doing well...

I'm here for say some bad news and we are really really sorry about this, you can't imagine.

We are 12th grade now and our class (not school) just started. We had an exam and we felt like we are having the main exam. 

We have to study a lot for our dreams, our future. So we won't be able to post something often. But we will be on here whenever we can. 

I wouldn't want to say this but yeah, life is hard and we have to make them easy for us. We will fight!

By the way I want to share Lady Gaga's new song ''Applause''. I love her so much, she is crazy and she doing her job like a masterpiece. 

That's all now, don't forget to follow us. Love you all! 

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