30 Ocak 2014 Perşembe


Hey everyone! How are you? Hope you're all very well :-)

I have surprises for you, are you ready?!

Haha whatever :-) 

I know we are not a big fashion blog but trying to do big. We want to big, bigger and maybe the biggest.

So, THE BOMB FASHION has Tumblr and Instagram accounts now!

If you help us to rise ourselves we will be so happy!

Tumblr  and Instagram accounts are here, click and check them out!

We are trying to catch our dreams, if you will be our dreamcatchers on our way we will be really appreciated :-)

Thank you so much for everything, love you all.




11 Ocak 2014 Cumartesi


What a pretty song!
I love love love it.She is like Alice.You know what I'm talking now.Alice In Wonderland.Queen,cake,rabbit is that dream or real ?Let's watch it..


Hello guys, what are you all doing? I am so sorry that I can't write regularly. I am very upset because of this :-(

Please wait us, we are thinking a lot of things for the following months. It will be soon!

I have a little free time now and I decided to surf on the net haha :-) Checked my exam grades, my polyvore, my facebook and twitter accounts and sure listened music! And wanted to share with you guys.

Do you know Röyksopp? They are two men from Norway, they do electronic music. I love their music. When I was at 8th grade i was listening their ''Happy Up Here'' song a lot. It is an old song for now but it is still a good song for me :-)

Also we have our first exam in March 23rd, so we incrase our pace from day to day. Wish us lots of lucks!

And again, wait for us. We will be here with lots of good news :-)

Love you all, be happy! xx  

4 Ocak 2014 Cumartesi

☆2-0-1-4 ☆

Happy New Year!!
   Hi everyone;
What did you do on New Year's Eve ?
For me? It was funny.But I was sad because Cemre and me were not together.She was in Izmir.We didnt celebrate together so it was definitely bad(we celebrate the new years every year).
   We felt like we are together because we had same wishes..
   By the way I made 4 present packets for my friends.When I give them they smiled like a children who find lots of candies.

   Thank you Michelle Phan for your wrapping ideas..I want to meet you :) 
If you think your present is not enough for your friends you can design your paper bag like mine.Don't forget the song.When I prepare presents I listened EXO's Christmas Day and Daniela Andrade's christmas songs.

They are like Christmas Tree ;)

And these are for me..


Thank you guys ♥
(We study hard but we don't forget you please don't forget us too)