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All the girls want to have healty and voluminous hair.If you want too,you can look at these.
  • Don't wash your hair everyday with shampoo.
  • Use protective hair cream.
  • Don't brush your hair while it wet.
  • Don't wash your hair with too hot water.
  • Don't use hair styling product everyday.
  • Don't dye often your hair.
  • Don't use often curling irons.
  • After swim in the sea,wash your hair with fresh water.
If your hair is beautiful you are beautiful...

29 Haziran 2013 Cumartesi



If you are on a diet I will give you some advices.We love eating meat and if you love too you can like my advices.
  • First,cook chicken.
  • When your chicken is cooking do your sauce.
  • Yoghurt,dried mint,salt and red pepper flakes(you need them for sauce).
  • Mix them and spill your sauce on the chicken.
  • Do your salad(do it how do you want).
Done!Short and delicious.
                                                                                                                      Bon appetit!  :)


Acnes are our bad dream. They can suddenly rise on our face so we afraid to go out, that situtaion is really bad...

There are a lot of things about acnes out there but Vichy has a better product about acnes. Normaderm Hyaluspot helps you to get rid of them in 48 hours.

It has salicylic acid and LHA in itself so if you use it regularly you will have a clear face :-)

And it is not so expensive you can find it in beauty shops. 

If you don't want a face with full of acnes avoid fatty foods. Regular nutrition is the best solution!

27 Haziran 2013 Perşembe


Sometimes we have under-eye bags, it isn't about your age. Everyone can have them.

And we know that they look terrible! :-(

When we don't sleep well, when we cry a lot etc. we can have under-eye bags easily. The question is HOW CAN WE FIX THEM?

Maybe you are thinking we have to do surgical things. But no! It's not hard as you think.

Quick Fixes for Under-Eye Bags

Did you see? You can fix your terrible under-eye bags with these easy ways! 

If you do this regularly you can get rid of them in a little time :-) 

Don't think that life is so hard, it is not. You can make it easy with your own things. You just have to be positive person!

Good luck 




Hey!How are you Fashion Lover?
I miss you again.Today I will share my illustrations but I'm not good.I don't want to be amateur.So everyday I plod away for my illustrations.I want to improve myself.

I'm good at charcoal drawing but I want to draw colorful clothes because they are better than the other ones.

Can you help me?Please send me email.I need to learn drawing. :) I love you so much.Kisses..

24 Haziran 2013 Pazartesi


Remember I posted before about neon eyeliner. Now the turn is neon clothes'.

This summer is full of neon colors. Most of famous people wearing clothes with neon colors outside. If you combine them with good things they will look nice!

It isn't just clothes, it is important to what bag you wear or how is your make-up looking and your nails. 

You can make everything better. You have to attach importance your head to your toe. Fashion is not about just clothes. Don't forget it :-)


Hi!Fashion Lovers,
Yesterday I took a vacation.It was short but I liked.If you are busy and you want to take a vacation,you can go to near seaside place.Short,near,funny. :)
Sometimes short things are better than big things.Have Fun!



22 Haziran 2013 Cumartesi


Hi guys, what's up? I hope you're all doing well :-)

Three days ago Miley Cyrus broadcast her new music video ''We Can't Stop''. It's really good song but I think the video is little weird. But she is still looking good!

When I watched the video I saw EOS lip balms then I said ''Oh what's that? This is so pretty!'' and I searched on web. I am so curious about these things :-)

These balms keep your lips moist. Also there are different options. Example: the pink one is strawberry, the blue one is mint, the orange one is tangerine etc. 

Go and buy one of them. They are cheap enough ;-) 

Stay tune guys, take care! xoxo



21 Haziran 2013 Cuma


If they are live,we can live.If we live ,they can live.
We are sensitive!Please be sensitive about animals,too.
-They are not clothes.
-They are innocent.
-Wearing fur is not necessity.
-Loving animals is not crime.
-Don't wear fur if you love them.

-If you see homeless dogs,help them please!
-Give water!
-If they are injured,call the veterinary.

Be human!They need us.We need them.We are in the same world...

20 Haziran 2013 Perşembe

The Look for Less: Summer Dresses

The Look for Less: Summer Dresses

Hello guys! I did this last day and I entered a contest on Polyore. I am so excited but I have to wait.

If you can help please help me guys cause I need you now!

Thanks for now, love you a lot 

19 Haziran 2013 Çarşamba


I love wearing watches and I think they have to be little big.

In last years big watches take one step forward from others. Some of them really looks classy.

Also watches don't need to be colorful. One or two color always better. They have to be looking good on your wrists :-)

I am in love with this watch! It's looking so elegant, feminine and powerful. But I wish it wouldn't be so expensive...

Remember what I said, one or two color looking better. You can see it now, don't forget it ;-)

Don't prefer the watches with leather cordons! They do reek then you are disturbed.

Buy qualified watches, cheap of them aren't preferable.

17 Haziran 2013 Pazartesi


Red and pruple most of time don't match. But that doesn't mean you can't do :-)

I was hanging at Vogue Turkey's website today and I found this pretty combine. I think these colors really far from eachother but the harmony of the colors is looking so nice.

You know, maybe these are expensive to some but there are a lot of clothes like these for sale. So you can buy easily, don't worry!

You can combine with other colors, you should wear what's looking good to you also what suits you. You must wear good things and clothes that match with your body.

Stay tune guys, kisses!


What did we do yesterday?
Yesterday we celebrate Cemre's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CEMRE!!
I prepared gifts for her before a couple days, I ordered a birthday cake from Cupcakes Torta (cupcakes store). The birthday cake was like a big cupcake.And we went there to celebrate her birthday.

Then the birthday cake came and she surprised. She loved it! We drunk iced coffee with the cake.

After that we went to Cemre's home and we played Monopoly. I want to share her birthday images now:

I wish you good days with cupcakes :)

15 Haziran 2013 Cumartesi




Hi Fashion Lovers!!
I want to improve myself and I want to be a Fashion Designer but I didn't find any course in my city for draw Fashion Illustrations.Then I decided and I said ''I'll improve myself and I'll watch videos.I'll buy books about Fashion Illustrations and I'll search.''

Last week I found a video.This video is learning a lot of things.If you want to draw Illustrations or improve yourself,you can watch the video.

Don't give up.If you want something,it can be possible someday. :)

14 Haziran 2013 Cuma


-''The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Reves, and it is only open at night.''


If you have free time and if you search a good book this is a good choice.
Ladies and Gentlemen!Here is The Night Circus.


Yoghurt is necessarily in Turkish cuisine. Also it helps your diet and that's the most important thing. I wanna give some clues to make your diet easily.

1. Eat a half kilo yoghurt in a day, it has a lot calcium in itself. So that helps you to melt your abdominal fat. 

2. It decreases the risk of colon cancer. Through the B2 vitamin in its water, mouth wounds can heal. Also it strengthens the immune system.

3. Eat yoghurt when you ate a lot of sweetened food. If you do this you won't feel hungry, you will feel full!

4. If you eat 3 bowl of yoghurt in a day, it will supply your body's calsium need. 

5. You can add fruit in it.

Yoghurt is so important guys, you have to eat even if you don't do a diet.

Everyone deserves a good and healthy life, don't make it worst. It's up to you! 

12 Haziran 2013 Çarşamba


I'm so happy because we are in the Summer Season.Maybe I won't go to seaside resort(because I have to study for university exam)but I'm happy.This week and last week I did a lot of things.I went to shopping centre but I didn't do shopping.My school exhibition and my picture was there.I drew this picture but the picture is not my own picture.The pictures name is La Liseuse(A young girl reading).La Liseuse is an oil painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard..
I bought new Toms.They are sweet,cool and so comfortable..
Before the end of this month I bought Vogue.I love the magazine.The magazine is telling to us all about fashion..
I love you all :) Don't forget to follow us.Have a nice holiday!!Kisses..


Summer has come, it's holiday time!

We are now looking at bikinis and swimsuits. But... We have a problem... :-/


Answer is easy: Go on a diet and do exercise!

I wanna give you more clues with sweet Michelle Phan's video :-)

Watch and enjoy and believe in yourself, you can do it! 

8 Haziran 2013 Cumartesi


Summer means flower. Flower means color. They complete each other. 

When I searched latest fashion news I came across these beautiful styles. 

On these warm days these colorful clothes will be a good choice. You can be sporty and smart at the same time! Colors don't matter.

Oh and don't forget to wear sunglasses which fit your clothes. I think sunglasses make the style upper. They look more elegant :-)


Hi Everyone!
Do you want to a beautiful, cool and unique dress for party, graduation, meeting..etc.? Can't you decide? Can't you draw or design? Didn't you find dress?

This is not a big problem, because you can do with us.
First of all
1-Think! What kind of clothes do you want to wear?Shapes, patterns, colors.
2-If you think your clothes that you want to wear, you can send to our gmail address. http://cerveauxdelamode.blogspot.com/p/we-are-two-girls-also-best-friends.html
3-We'll draw and add many things to clothes for you. Then we'll share.
Goodbye :)

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Hi there! I can't upload anything for a while and I'm so sorry for that :-( We had a lot of exams along the week. But we are free now and we will be here more than before!

I am interesting in MCM  bags in these days. These bags are looking so classy and sporty.  If you want to fit it what you are wearing you have different choices about color.

Good thing is there isn't just backpacks, you can find wallet, luggage and etc. Maybe prices are too much but I think it's worth :-)

That's all for now, don't forget to follow us. Kisses! 

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TEEN WOLF(Third season)

Teen Wolf!
Horror,comedy,drama..We love it.This week teen wolf is coming.We are excited so I got news for you guys.
Teen Wolf is coming on 03.06.2013.This season will be amazing.The season will be 24 episode.There were passing four months in Beacon Hills.Jackson moved out of town.While Stiles trying new hair styles Derek is living a lonely life.We will meet Derek's mothers and sisters this season.
We advice Teen Wolf if you want excitement.Don't forget to follow us teen wolves :)