27 Ekim 2013 Pazar

SAY IT! - 말로해

What's up everybody? I am here after a pretty long time. We are busy with lessons you know that, so we can't share often. I am still sad about this...

Hope you didn't forget us and keep following us. Don't forget to follow because we share our designs you can learn fashion tips from them! ;-)

I said that I am interested in kpop bands, I really love them! Few days ago Topp Dogg (탑독) from Stardom Entertainment made their debut stage with their debut song ''Say It (말로해)''.

I love the song and boys, they are good for a new band. I like their style, also I love hip-hop it's manly! There are 13 boys in the band. They are all cute and charming but I think Xero is the most :-)

I wanna share the music video with you. You will feel energetic when listening it. Haha :-)

I will be here whenever I can, we continue to share our cloth designs here. You can follow our Polyvore accounts too. 

Love you more everyday, you make us happy when you look at our blog. Keep looking it, kisses! 

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