11 Ocak 2014 Cumartesi


Hello guys, what are you all doing? I am so sorry that I can't write regularly. I am very upset because of this :-(

Please wait us, we are thinking a lot of things for the following months. It will be soon!

I have a little free time now and I decided to surf on the net haha :-) Checked my exam grades, my polyvore, my facebook and twitter accounts and sure listened music! And wanted to share with you guys.

Do you know Röyksopp? They are two men from Norway, they do electronic music. I love their music. When I was at 8th grade i was listening their ''Happy Up Here'' song a lot. It is an old song for now but it is still a good song for me :-)

Also we have our first exam in March 23rd, so we incrase our pace from day to day. Wish us lots of lucks!

And again, wait for us. We will be here with lots of good news :-)

Love you all, be happy! xx  

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