22 Temmuz 2013 Pazartesi


Hi Shopping Lovers!
Last week I bought new things with my sister.Dresses,perfumes,nail polish,bags,notebooks..
It was funny.If you are bored or sad just go to shopping.Look all clothes.If they are good you can buy.But if you don't love them and if you are undecided don't buy them.Regret isn't good thing.

Summer is keep going.Don't be too late.Go!Travel!Love!Buy!.Live your life.

This winter I'll be wolf!If you want to be wolf this winter you can wear college tshirts,coats,scarves,cardigans,boots,berets.But they have to be black,grey,brown or white.Because this colors are so cool.

Geurae wolf naega wolf awoo ah saranghaeyo!

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