9 Mayıs 2013 Perşembe


Graduation from high school is very important for people. It is a starting of a new life, they are growed enough and they feel free more than ever. But it is not that easy...

People go to college, studying for how they want to shape their life. They meet their busiest and more tiresome life.

But before all these things, schools prepare ''Prom Night'' at the end of the high school. Girls start fighting for being sexy from eachother yet boys just want to be looking cool.

We have one year for graduation but I want to help girls who have ''Prom Night'' this year :-) I prepared a set for you girls, here it is:


If you want to influence the boys and looking eye-catching in your dress, this might be what you have to do!
Black is the best color to show your beautiful body, it is also make your eyes catching.
I think that the harmony of black and gold is ineluctable.

NOTE: If you have a dark-brown or brown hair, you can dye your hair tips caramel color. Your hair will be looking better ;-)

I hope I could help you all, i want you all to be free at ''Prom Night''. Do not think about lessons, just have fun!


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