14 Mayıs 2013 Salı


Hi there! What's up? I hope you're all fine :-)

Today was a really good day. We planned yesterday to go out for lunch with friends. But today wasn't good in the morning. It was rainy much, we were upset for a while.

Then the sun was up, we were happy because we could go out. After school we went to a Chinese reastaurant. We tasted sushi first time. It was a good experience. But we had to eat something familiar. So we went to a Turkish restaurant and we ate our lunch. That was really good!

After lunch we wandered around and we saw Sephora. We couldn't stand from going in that shop. We loved there sooo much, I think there might be our second home :-) I wanted to buy all those awesome beauty products. It would be a wonderful dream...

Well how was your day? What do you want to do today? 

Enjoy yourself and live free, love you all. Kisses :-)

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