19 Ağustos 2015 Çarşamba


Hey dear followers! It's been a long time since I came around, it's been a long time when I'm back in town... LOL :D

I entered my post with a Lady Gaga song. I love her so much btw :)

So how are y'all? Are you fine? If you ask me, YES I AM! Because I entered a university in the city I live. I am happy and relaxed... All the exams are gone yay!

I will be trying to post often from now on. Stay tune and don't forget to follow us ;)

P.S.: I wanna give you all a little present, a beautiful and relaxing song I heard few days ago. Michelle Shaprow's Back Down To Earth. Her voice is so soft and beautiful and the song as well. If you have not listen it, please listen now :)

Good bye and take care all, xoxo!

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